How Do You Protect Yourself from Negative People

woman sad

There’s nothing quite vexing than having to deal with negative people. Just recently I posted a picture of myself on Facebook blowing a candle for my birthday. Everyone sent their well wishes except for one negative person who had the audacity to leave a snarky remark about the dress I wore. I guess it’s safe to say that wherever you go and whatever you do, there are always negative people hounding you. This could be a high school friend, a cousin, a neighbor, a co-worker, it could be anyone. Negative people suck the life and happiness out of you because they want you to be miserable too. Well guess what, you can only be miserable if you allow them to get inside your head.

If I didn’t know any better I would have succumbed to her remark and hated myself for choosing that dress over all the other dresses I could have worn for my birthday. But I didn’t. This is what I did to protect my happy bubble from negative people who wish nothing but spread negativity to everyone they see. It is one of the lessons in life I did learn and acknowledge.

  1. I didn’t allow sarcastic and rude comments to define who I am.

I know myself and I know what I am capable of so no amount of sarcasm and criticism will make me change my mind about who I am. My self-esteem is firmly established because I chose to surround myself with positive and encouraging people. if you are used to being around negative people you are unknowingly belittling your worth and the more you undervalue yourself the easily you get affected and impacted by these people.

  1. I counted my blessings.

When you are grateful and aware of every good thing that is happening in your life, one small remark will not turn your life around. As a matter of fact you’ll even feel sorry for that person. When I was about to get affected I started counting my blessings and when I was done I realized that her opinion didn’t matter especially coming from someone who is known for her negativity.

  1. I understood where she came from.

An eye for an eye that was what I wanted to do. I wanted to bash her and tell her to get a life but I realized that if I did so it would appear that I stooped down to her level and what would people think of me? Instead of getting angry I tried to understand why she said that. It could be that she’s insecure or she’s miserable with her life that she wants others to feel bad too. The more I understood the sorrier I felt for her. If you come to think of it, what she did highlighted how jealous she was of me.

It’s not about being egocentric or having a high regard for yourself, it’s more of having a different frame of mind. You have to be strong in order to protect yourself from negative people.