Life Lessons


A couple of years ago I made one of the most difficult and not to mention life-changing decisions in my life, I resolved to quit my job in order to pursue my passion in writing. I have to say it was exhilarating to be free from all the responsibilities of the corporate world and it was liberating to finally have the time to travel and not be slave to my cubicle. But with an income that did not as much come close to my usual salary, it was a rather painful adjustment.

You see, I was used to a stable source of income and every month I knew exactly how much I was getting every time I checked my bank account. The past years have been different. I have then started to wonder the secret to a better life. Ever since I tendered that resignation my heart thumps whenever I check my bank account because I know I wasn’t making enough. The writing business placed me in a precarious position in society and I was unsure of myself yet despite everything I had the slightest flicker of hope that soon enough everything will fall into place.

When I left my job I had high hopes that I could make it but just this year my bank account closed down and I had nothing. It was a strange and unfamiliar feeling to have no money and by that I meant no savings. I earned a little from my freelance writing job but […]

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