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We’ve all made mistakes in the past and most of it can be owed to the reckless choices we made. These are the choices we didn’t expect to backfire on us. Before you add more regrets in your life we’ve created a post that will underscore some of the most common decisions we’ve made together with those people that have negatively impact our lives at some point. In a way, this post will help give insight on how you should live your life with as little regrets as possible.

  1. Trying hard to impress others at your own expense.

As people-pleasers, we have the tendency to wear a façade just to please other people. However, when we focus all your attention on pleasing other people we forget about our needs. We become what other people wants us to be instead of what we truly want for ourselves. If we continue to practice this we lose sight of our value and we live our lives according to the expectations of other people. If you don’t want to live a life of regrets focus on yourself on how you can improve instead of fixing your eyes on people who don’t matter.

  1. Allowing other people to dream for you.

One of the biggest challenges in life is figuring out what you want and then deciding to be happy with it. But you can only do that if you formulate your own plans and goals. If you allow other people to dictate […]

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